A detailed review of the Roomorama.com advertising services & website

Are you contemplating the idea of booking your next trip on Roomorama.com?

Or maybe you’re thinking about posting your property up on there to get more bookings?

Either way, you’re in the right place!

Below is a detailed review of the Roomorama website, and advertising services.

We've put this review together specifically to help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for you to book your next vacation, or the next advertising tool for your vacation rental business.


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A little about the Roomorama website and services

Roomorama was founded in 2009, and is originally based out of Singapore with new headquarters in New York city. And over the past few years, they have successfully grown to over 60,000 properties, in over 4,000 locations across the world!

Already generating some 1.5M visitors a month only 5 years after it’s launch (according to thisstat.com), Roomorama is now one of the fastest growing vacation rental websites in the world.

Where Roomorama really stands out, is that they have what they call a “ShoutOut” program. The program allows travellers to post what they are looking for so that owners can be a little more proactive and make them offers. And not only that, but they also offer cool perks to travellers like discounts to local services such as spas and restaurants.

Not only do they cater to the leisure traveller, but they also have a significant presence for business travel, with a concierge service and more.

Listing your properties on Roomorama.com

Though the property listing pages are fairly simple when compared to other websites, the hosts can take advantage of some extra options.

The first choice is the option to create a listing with instant booking, where the host has 48 hours to respond. In this case, the guest prepays, but will be fully refunded if the host declines.

The second option is to create a listing without the instant booking feature, where the guest and host communicate before any bookings are made. As a host, you can choose whether or not to offer the listing at all.

In either case, the host has the final say, and chooses who will actually be staying at their accommodation.


100% free to list!

Hosts keep 100% of the money from their booking, making Roomorama a great choice for people with room to spare. You can list your properties for free as well, and benefit from social media services as well as the review system in order to promote their properties.

Anything from rooms, to homes, to villas can be rented out, though the site does seem to cater to both business class and thrifty travellers.

Property ranking factors

Wether or not you choose to use the instant booking feature, the ranking of your listings is based on your response time. And the website encourages hosts to respond to every request, even if it’s only to decline. 

For property managers

There are many property managers using Roomorama.com to handle multi-unit listings. And their interface is probably one of the best for multi-unit properties out there.

Managers can easily add multiple units into the same group, respond to booking requests, and accept payments, all within the same account.

Host Protection

Roomorama offers a its host a unique kind of protection, by giving you the full name of anyone applying to visit your property. This allows you to complete a background check on your expected guest, and cancel the reservation if need be. Roomorama itself on offering a safe community that promotes accountability.

"Shout Out" 

Roomoram offers a "Shout Out" feature lets travellers post requests for potential hosts to contact them and offer their availabilities. A unique feature that gives eager vacation rental owners a fighting chance to actively solicit bookings from very willing travellers.

What travellers are saying

The good

 Roomorama offers awesome features for travellers as well as hosts.

The streamlined secure payment system requires that the guest successfully check in before the host gets paid, so the success of the booking is partially determined by the guest.

They also have a "Shout Out" feature lets travellers post requests for potential hosts to contact them and offer their availabilities. Not only does this drastically cut down on search time, but it often speeds up the booking process with quicker confirmations.

Roomorama also has partnerships with local businesses that support their "Perks and Promotions" program. With this program, travellers can find discounted services like car rentals, laundry, as well as many others, making it truly an all-inclusive way to plan a trip.

Last but not least, Roomorama also has a great referral system that allows anybody to make money by referring hosts. The referrer gets 10% of the booking fee, for every guest who successfully completes a booking. 

The bad

Because Roomorama is a marketplace site, and just like any other site like it, misrepresentation can be a problem.

But with that said, they do offer 24/7 customer service, which is hard to find in this industry.

The review and referral system are meant to create a safe and secure way to book properties, but as with anything, there are always bad apples. 

All in all, there really isn't much negative feedback about Roomorama, except for their somewhat confusing cancellation policies;

Cancellation Policies

Judging by reviews, both parties have had difficulties with cancellation. Mainly because it isn’t controlled by the website itself.

Even if the booked property doesn’t stand up to its description, cancellations must be done prior to checking in. And every certified guest has the ability to create their own policy that the host can either agree with or deny... adding to the confusion.

The website has suggestions for going through the process if need be. But the general idea is that it’s important for travellers to be as thorough as possible with their cancellation policy descriptions, especially when choosing to instantly book a rental. 

Definitely a positive for vacation rental owners and hosts, but kind of a negative for the traveller.


What owners are saying

The good

Roomorama claims that the average guest books over nine nights, and spends over $1000 per booking, so it’s safe to say Roomorama is catering to a higher class of clientele than something like AirBnB.

They do emphasize their business programs, so the goal is to have quality guests as well as quality hosts. In general, the reviews are very positive.

The bad

Though there are complaints about guests not paying, the biggest issue seems to be with cancellation policies. Certified hosts can create their own policies, and if both parties don’t agree on the terms, it can cause issues;

Cancellation policy issues

The issue arises mainly from the fact that Roomorama doesn’t necessarily have to take any responsibility for a cancellation.

The second reason is that hosts are also somewhat at the mercy of the word of their guests, which that can lead to misunderstandings and not getting paid.

If the guest successfully and "officially" checks in, the host will be paid. But any hitch in that plan can delay payment, and the host may not have any recourse even if their guest winds up staying the night.

To help avoid this type of situation, certified hosts should clearly specify the check-in and cancellation processes and outline the terms and conditions as well as possible on their listings.

According to some host reviews, the Roomorama customer service has dropped the ball a handful of times when handling these types of situations. But the overall consensus is that Roomorama is pretty speedy and will do their best to try to resolve any problems that pop up.


Overall, there is very little negative feedback about Roomorama, on either side of the booking process.

Travellers love using it, and their number of active users is constantly growing. Thus making it a great new option vacation rental owners who want to advertise their properties.

But the real kicker is this; if their average traveller books for 9 nights or longer and spends $1,000 or more per booking, that's more than double the industry average!

And considering it's 100% free to list your properties, there's no doubt that Roomorama should be the next vacation rental website to add to your advertising portfolio.

Try Roomorama 100% free today!


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