Our unique, full-service approach to channel marketing is PROVEN to help boost your occupancy and increase your revenue by 45%

We manage your entire channel presence for you, using highly sophisticated marketing strategies that have been thoroughly researched and rigorously tested - but most importantly - PROVEN to help maximize your visibility, boost your occupancy, and even make a lasting impression that will delight your guests...

No complicated software or portals.
No chasing after guests to confirm bookings.
We do it ALL for you, so you don't have to.

Connecting your vacation rentals to a channel distribution network of over 500 MILLION travelers per month

Why channel marketing?
Channel marketing is the #1 strategy for anyone looking to continuously attract new guests and build a sustainable source for new bookings

Advertising on the right channels and using the right marketing techniques (more on this below), will give you access to more than enough traffic & visibility to generate a consistent and healthy flow of bookings for your vacation rental business.

BEFORE you waste 6 months of your life implementing other strategies your
business isn't ready for (or doesn't even need), consider the following:


Contrary to what you might think...
Channel marketing is one of the most profitable strategies in our industry

Realistically, when you consider the high costs of online marketing and expensive technology required to generate direct bookings (For Example: professional website design, web hosting, booking software, email marketing tools, payment processing & invoicing solutions, complicated pay-per-click campaigns, blogging, social media, SEO, etc...) channel marketing is by far the least expensive option out there.

Unlike other marketing methods...
The best channels already have all the qualified traffic you need

Not only do the best channels dominate Google's first page search results and have HUGE brand loyalty/recognition, but they also convert the vast majority of all vacation rental traffic/bookings for any given destination in the world. Advertising your properties on the best channels allows you to capitalize on the biggest & most valuable source of qualified traffic available in the industry, without having to invest any significant upfront costs.

With a strong channel marketing presence...
You get real, measurable results, fast

When your channel portfolio is optimized and managed the way it should be, you will see a sharp boost in revenue as your property listings climb channel search results and convert more browsing travelers into a consistent flow of confirmed bookings - - turning it into the largest and most profitable source of revenue for your vacation rental business.

Our strategy:
Take the complicated guesswork out of your channel marketing

Generating real results from channel marketing takes a lot more than just publishing your properties on a few listing sites.

Since the introduction of "traveler booking fees", channels now consider the traveler as their main customer (not you) and use "best match" algorithms to provide them with an optimal booking experience.

These highly intelligent algorithms work by prioritizing the properties that are most likely to result in a successful booking, and ranking them from first to last in their search results.

Successful channel marketing requires a strong understanding of how these algorithms work, and a deep knowledge of the process that travelers naturally take when researching vacation rentals online.

The VRpartners approach uses highly sophisticated techniques that have been thoroughly researched, rigorously tested - and most importantly - PROVEN to help increase your conversions and prioritize your rankings in channel search results, boosting occupancy & revenue by upwards of 45%.

. . .


Our methodology:
Get the absolute most out of your channel portfolio.

You want more out of your channel marketing portfolio.
We know how to make it happen...

By properly aligning your channel marketing strategy with the true interests and buying mindset of vacation rental travelers, we're able to organically attract more qualified views to your listings, convert more of those views into bookings, and - ultimately - delight more guests.



Once published on the channels, the goal is to quickly capture as much attention as possible from "browsers" in order to get more travellers to click through to your listing page from the results pages, converting more of them into potential guests


With more travelers clicking through to your listing page, the new goal is to convey as much value and reduce as much buyer friction as possible in order to close more bookings and convert more "potential" guests into confirmed guests.


Now that you've got the booking, you have to go above & beyond and take the relationship to the next level to get more positive reviews, more referrals, and more repeat business. This is how you earn loyalty and turn your guests into promoters.

Our methodology is a realistic representation of how travelers are researching and booking vacation rentals today. We go beyond just "where" your properties are marketed and really optimize "how" they're marketed, resulting in property listings that dominate channel search results and convert more browsing travelers into consistent flow of confirmed bookings.

This methodology is a must for anyone using vacation rental channels
as a part of their marketing strategy.

Chief Vacation Rental Marketing Strategist


What you need:
The ESSENTIALS for success

Every successful channel marketing strategy starts and ends with a strong foundation of the following essentials...


traveler interest
Traveler interests & booking journey
The booking journey is the course travelers will take to book a vacation rental. Understanding it properly helps us to identify their real interests and tailor your offer to sell more travelers on booking your properties.

market analysis
Ongoing market research & competitor analysis
Distribution channels grow more popular every quarter, with significant amounts of new competition being added every 3 months. We consistently monitor your local market to keep you ahead of your competition.

marketing diversification
Visibility & marketing channel diversification
Relying on just 1 channel is risky. We distribute your properties across the top channels, multiplying your visibility and reducing the risk of revenue loss from algorithm fluctuations or changes in service terms.

marketing automation
Automation and synchronization
The more properties you have, and the more diversified your channel presence, the more work you have to do. We take on all the work and automate your most time consuming tasks to help you save valuable time.

remarkable marketing
Remarkable listings with ongoing optimization
In order to capitalize on as many booking opporunities as possible, you need constant listing optimization. We regularly update your listings to reflect seasonal booking opportunities, guest perks, promotions, and more.

marketing consulting
Amazing customer service & response times
The words you choose and the speed in which you respond to guest inquiries can make all the difference between closing a booking or not. We respond to every one within minutes and with the utmost professionalism.

awesome guest perks
Awesome guest perks & booking experience
To help make a lasting impression and encourage more 5star reviews, we take things a step further and upgrade your booking experience by offering your guests awesome travel perks & discounts to local activities.

marketing analytics
Advanced tracking with progress reports
Tracking your performance is an essential part of any business. We provide monthly progress report so you can track your monthly bookings & revenue, and so we can make better decisions based on the results.

What we do:
Effective channel marketing and management that generates REAL, measurable results

We help take your vacation rental business from where it is now,
to where you want it to be...

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We'll create & customize your entire channel marketing plan

No more wasted nights researching useless gimmicks that don’t get the results you really want, and no more wasted money on expensive software you don’t even need. Instead, you'll have a tailored plan to help you acheive - and even surpass - your marketing goals.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We'll build all of your channel marketing essentials to work together seamlessly

We build your channel profiles & property listings and distribute them across all of the best channels. We also build all of the automations & tools to put your new plan into action. And lastly, we consistently monitor your entire channel presence and optimize it on an ongoing basis.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We'll implement the tactics that attract, convert, and delight more travelers

We'll put your winning strategy into action by implementing your channel marketing plan and providing you with all the essentials for success. Once implemented, you'll quickly start to see more views, better conversion and - most importantly - more bookings & revenue.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We'll give you transparent monthly reports to track your progress

You'll always know exactly what's going on with our easy-to-read performance reports. We'll also measure and analyze your bookings, channel performance, and revenue, then take action to implement new strategies and improve others based on the results.


What you get:
You'll get a completely optimized channel presence to maximize your visibility, convert more bookings and generate more revenue

Our team of experts knows EXACTLY what it takes to maximize the earning potential of your properties and their listings on marketing channels.

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

You'll get better visibility with a targeted distribution strategy

We'll distribute your properties and sync your calendars on all of the best and most trafficked vacation rental channels across the globe - including Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, FlipKey & beyond - without the fear of double bookings or the hassle of timely manual updates or maintenance.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

You'll get fully optimized listings that convert more bookings

By understanding the complete booking mindset of vacation rental travellers, we apply proven conversion optimization strategies that generate more click-throughs to your listings, convert more bookings, and reduce the number of unqualified inquiries that waste your time.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

You'll get the perfect pricing plan to maximize occupancy and revenue

With the help from our marketing analysts performing ongoing local market & competitor research, we'll optimize your pricing strategy to maximize booking opportunities and increase your yearly revenue.


+ PLUS we do all the work for you so you can work less and save more time

Time is money. We actually do the work for you, shaving hours off your daily schedule by taking on all the tasks that go along with building, managing, syncing, and even automating your entire marketing channel presence.

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We build, manage and sync all your profiles and calendars for you

No more wasted afternoons updating your calendars or listings with new quarterly pricing, promotions, or pictures. And no more updating all of your calendars every time you get a new booking. We do ALL of the data entry work for you and make sure all of your calendars are synced while get to focus on the real work that really matters.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We can automate all of your post-booking guest communications

Tired of constantly reminding yourself to email your guests things like directions, checkin instructions, local attractions & activities, review requests, thank you notes, etc..? We can put your post-booking guest messages on autopilot, with automatic email & SMS message delivery so that your guests continue get all the important info they need without you ever needing to lift a finger.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We'll even help coordinate cleanings, keydrops & other tasks

To help make sure your guests always check into a clean property that's fully stocked and ready for their arrival, we can even help coordinate cleanings and other tasks by scheduling automatic notification & reminders to be sent straight to their phone or email inbox.


+ PLUS we can save you even more time by managing all of your guest communications, before, during, and even after their stay

Our dedicated villa specialists respond to every inquiry in a timely and professional manner, helping to screen guests, close more bookings, and ensure a great booking experience.

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We're on hand 24/7 to answer inquiries, screen your guests and close bookings

Your dedicated villa specialists are highly trained to know everything about your properties, your location and even your competition. We always make sure your guests have the important information they need for a successful checkin, including directions, checkin instructions, local attractions & activities, etc...



We implement all of the expert tactics needed to close more bookings for you

Our team of villa specialists has all of the tools they need to respond to inquiries within minutes (not hours), and the time they need to follow up with pending requests on a regular basis. Moreover, they are fully trained with expert insider tactics and the latest techniques to close bookings at a much higher rate than the industry standard, without diminishing the outstanding professionalism & transparency that your guests deserve.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

You'll get expert dispute resolution when you need it

Because you never know what might happen, we'll be there to help you navigate painful renter disputes and protect you against unnecessary revenue losses. Like the old saying goes: "It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!"


You'll get a custom Virtual GuideBook & Travel Concierge Tool, filled with exclusive perks & discounts to upgrade your booking experience and help your guests travel better for less.

Our Virtual Travel Concierge Tool is the vacation rental industry's first and only "full-serviced" guidebook solution, designed specifically to help you provide a better overall experience for your guests AND capitalize on the unmatched value of a great first impression.
( A total value of $499 per year - absolutely FREE! )

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We help give your guests a better overall travel experience

Our growing network of partners & affiliate vendors helps give your guests the best value, comfort, and convenience for every step along the way to your destination, offering select discounts and savings on things like flights, travel insurance, airport parking, taxi & car services, rental cars, day tours, concerts & events, spa packages, exclusive V.I.P. access to airport lounges, and more!



We connect your vacation rental business to some of the best & most recognizable brands in the world

As a completely co-branded solution, your vacation rental company and logo will be along side many of the worlds most recognizable & trusted brands, simultaneously boosting your image and reputation in the eyes of your guests for a lasting first impression.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

You capitalize on the unmatched value of a perfect first impression.

Your custom Virtual Travel Planner & Guidebook will upgrade the booking experience for your guests and make the perfect first impression you need to turn more guests into promoters and get more 5star reviews. We do all the work... You benefit from the lasting impression.


We are not your typical channel manager...
You're going to get real results you can count on with the transparency you can trust

We offer premium, hands on, high value services with first class support
whenever you need it

vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We take personalized support to a whole new level

Ready to be treated like an actual human being? You'll get unrestricted access to your own Dedicated Success Manager, who will personally oversee the growth of your account and help you with your specific needs.



You'll always be in control of your own business

Unlike working with booking agencies or property management firms, we operate as an extension of YOUR business, promote YOUR brand, and you always have control over who you rents your properties.


vacation rental marketing and inquiry management

We can scale and grow with you as your business expands

When the time comes, as you expand your business and begin to acquire more properties, we'll be able to help you manage that growth and support as many as many properties as you need.


BUT... our services aren't for everyone.

We offer premium high-value services, and we're selective
about who we choose to work with.


As a company, we'd rather help a small group of professional managers who are committed providing an amazing guest experience and growing their business, as opposed to a larger group of people who are looking for some magic solution to help them become ...


you don't have reliable house cleaning personel to make sure that your properties are always cleaned at a professional level, before every single stay, without fail....

you're not committed to providing your guests with a quality guest experience that includes - at the very least - basic hospitality amenities such as clean & towels, shower & toiletry kits, etc...

even when offered real solutions that are PROVEN to help increase your occupancy & revenue, you are incapable of taking action on what really MATTERS and implementing the proposed strategies that have helped so many others achieve industry leading results...


Everybody "wants" better. But very few people get past the want stage and actually take action on the changes required to acheive that end result.

But if you ARE committed to providing an awesome experience for your guests, and you ARE ready to take action so that you can start getinng more bookings and earn more revenue... then we have an entire team of highly trained marketing experts, just waiting for the chance to help you reach your goals and start earning the revenue you deserve...

It's time to take action.


Try All of This 100% Risk-Free

No cost to join. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.

We offer a premium, high-value service, with no cost to join and on a pay-for-performance basis.
In other words, we don’t make any money unless you make money, and that makes our dedication to your growth and success 100% risk-free!

Choose one of two plans:



just 6% per booking

Your own Dedicated Success Manager with 24/7 inquiry & booking management

Full-service content syndication & distribution to a network of over 250M travelers per month

Calendar synchronization & support

Post-booking guest communication automation with professional email & SMS templates

Monthly progress reports on revenue, bookings and channel rankings

Home cleaning & staff coordination with automatic notifications & reminders

Complete listing optimization
($499 per property)

Optimized pricing strategy to maximize revenue with full market & competitor analysis
($1999 per report)

+ Your own customized Virtual Travel Planner & Guidebook ($499/yr value - FREE)

+ $50 credit per property subscription with the entire HomeAway family of websites

+ 30 day free-trial with Google Apps


just 7% per booking

Your own Dedicated Success Manager with 24/7 inquiry & booking management

Full-service content syndication & distribution to a network of over 250M travelers per month

Calendar synchronization & support

Post-booking guest communication automation with professional email & SMS templates

Monthly progress reports on revenue, bookings and channel rankings

Home cleaning & staff coordination with automatic notifications & reminders

+ Complete listing optimization
($499 per property) - included FREE

+ Optimized pricing strategy to maximize revenue with full market & competitor analysis
($1999 per report) - included FREE

+ Your own customized Virtual Travel Planner & Guidebook ($499/yr value - FREE)

+ $50 credit per property subscription with the entire HomeAway family of websites

+ 30 day free-trial with Google Apps


Crunch the numbers and see what
we can do for you

We consistently outperform booking agencies and property management firms at a fraction of the cost, helping to increase your occupancy & revenue by upwards of 45%!

Get started in just 3 easy steps

free vacation rental marketing consultation
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perfect fit
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for our services

 vacation rental marketing rocket
Sit back, relax, and watch us get to work!


Take the guesswork out of your channel marketing and take action now!

Talk to us about your vacation rental business and see if it qualifies for our services.

Still have questions?

How is your service different from other channel managers or vacation rental booking agents?

We don't just provide software for you to learn how to use on your own, we actually do the work for you. And we aren't a glorified call center either. We're highly trained experts that have a real passion for what we do, and we only charge for confirmed stays..

Unlike other channel managers, booking agents, or even property management firms, our services were created for vacation rental owners and managers that want to see significant increases their bookings and profits, but also like to stay in control of their own brand and over who rents their properties. 

We work best with owners and managers who have the motivation to offer their guests a quality vacation experience, but just don't have the time to give their channel marketing the full attention that it deserves. 

Ultimately, we can't be the perfect fit for everybody. But for the people that we ARE the right fit for, we perform extremely well.

How exactly do you guys make things easier for me?

In short, we basically take everything that has to do with channel marketing off your "to-do" list and give it the full attention it deserves in order to provide you with the results you want. That way you can continue to focus on running your business and providing an awesome guest experience. 

We can also manage your inquiries and screen your guests for you, put your guest communications on autopilot with a 7 email autoresponder, and give you a custom Virtual Travel Planner & Guidebook that communicates all of the important information your guests need to know about their booking details and your property, for free, without the hassle of having to edit or send out a single email. 

PLUS, we give you access to our growing network of hand-picked service providers, with exclusive discounts to help you save on everything from housekeeping, to property maintenance, hospitality amenities in bulk, and more.

But it doesn't stop there, we work to stay ahead of the curve and the constant changes in the industry, so you don't have to. We're always up to date on the newest trends, tactics and strategies, assuring you always industry leading results.

Do you guarantee that my bookings and/or profits will increase?

In short, we do not guarantee any specific increases in your bookings or revenue. And anyone in our position that does is only trying to make an easy sale. 

The main reason that we do not guarantee results is that they often depend highly on you (the manager) and the speed at which you are able to implement necessary changes to your business. Also, it's extremely important to acknowledge that the vacation rental industry is a fairly volatile marketplace with changes happening all the time, and there's a constant influx of new properties to compete with every quarter.  Not to mention other factors may include the location of your properties, and random occurrences outside of our control (like the BP oil spill of 2010 or increasing worries of the Zika virus in South America). 

That said, what we CAN promise, is to deliver clear communication with unparalleled transparency, easy-to-understand reports/updates on your progress, hours of high-payoff work every month to save you valuable time out of your own schedule, give you access to thousands of dollars in discounts & savings on a growing network of vetted service providers that will help you save even more money while growing your business, and lastly, all the benefits of our industry experience and ongoing research.

What exactly do you offer when it comes to service partners?

Currently, within certain areas, we can offer access to companies offering services such as home cleaning services, home maintenance services,  home painting services, gift basket delivery services, alcohol delivery services, car & taxi services for your guests, travel insurance & trip cancellation insurance for your guests, airport parking for your guests' departure, discounts to flights, possible check-ins & key drop-offs, and more. 

We're constantly striving to grow our network in order to offer you and your guests the services you need to make life easier.

What if my properties are in a different country?

We currently manage bookings for properties located in the USA, Canada, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Costa Rica, Barbados, Turks & Caicos, Mexico etc...  And we're open to work with properties (and property managers) no matter where they are located in the world.

That said, our team only speaks english, with a few who speak french. And although we wish we could speak many other languages, english and french are the only languages we can work with at this time.

Do you offer discounts on your plans?

Unfortunately, unless you've received some sort of promotion (which is usually exclusive to our newsletter subscribers), no.

However we do offer a referral program for our clients which allows you to earn up to $100 in credits for every referred vacation rental business that signs up. So if you're looking for discounts, you can always help us find new managers to help!

At the end of the day, we offer premium, high value services at an extremely competitive price point compared to every other option in the industry today. We stand by our offering and prefer to let the results speak for themselves.

Do you also offer fixed monthly rates instead of your commission per confirmed booking pricing?

Not at this time. The vacation rental business is quite seasonal with many peaks and lows. So we prefer to make sure that our fees always reflect and follow your bookings, as opposed to a fixed fee to be paid even when you don't have any bookings.

Is there anything else I should know about your company?

VacationRentalPartners.co is a company dedicated to helping motivated vacation rental owners and managers win in this increasingly competitive vacation rental marketplace.

Our team is comprised of real people who do our absolute best to help your vacation rental business every step along the way. Partners. Not clients. That is our philosophy.

Unlike some of the other companies you might find out there, we're not trying to make anyone believe we're changing the world, and we have zero dreams of "revolutionizing" the vacation rental industry. 

Our sole focus is your success. 

Your success is our success. Because that's how a real partnership works, and you should be treated no other way. But don't take our word for it. Give us a call and see what we're all about for yourself; 1 (888) 897-4488. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

What more do you need?

Stop wishing for "better" and give yourself a real opportunity to grow your business by taking action now!.. It's 100% risk-free!