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vacation rental payment processing

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And boost revenue as much as 30%


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vacation rental credit card payment processing

There's absolutely no doubt that credit cards are the safest and most common form of payment used when it comes to booking vacation accommodations today.

And when statistics show that; 

1) people tend to spend 12%-18% more with credit cards*, and that
2) accepting credit cards can increase your revenue as much as 30%*,

it's surprising how many vacation rental owners still don't accept them today.

As the industry continues to grow more mature, so do its travellers. The demand for professionalism is at an all time high.

Most vacation rental travellers today hold much higher standards when it comes to the booking process, completely disregarding any vacation rental business that doesn't accept credit cards and exclusively renting from properties that do.  

THE BOTTOM LINE:  When it really comes down to it, it's actually more costly not to accept credit cards, considering the number of bookings you're probably missing out on...  

Paying by credit card is secure, convenient, and it's what the vast majority of travellers are looking for! So do yourself a favor; stop your property from being overlooked and...


Experience matters


We understand the challenges vacation rental businesses face when trying to establish a strong relationship with a payment processor.

Most payment processors have labeled the vacation rental industry as "high risk": and will penalize you with higher processing fees and ridiculous setup fees. WE DO NOT.

Because of our extensive experience and knowledge of the vacation rental industry, we're able to offer you the best service, with specialized support,  and the lowest rates possible.

Over the years, we’ve helped many vacation rental businesses reduce their payment processing fees as much as 35%! Put that into a dollar value, and we're talking hundreds, even thousands in savings per year! 


*Dunn & Bradstreet study:
*Visa Canada Handbook: Best financial practices for Canadian businesses, May 2007

Some of the best rates
in the vacation rental industry

No monthly fees. No cross-boarder fees. As low as 1.99% per transaction.


Increase your bookings
By giving your guests a safer, quicker, and more familiar buying experience.

Confirm your bookings instantly
No more going back and forth to the bank or waiting on checks to clear!

Improve your cash flow
Receive payments directly into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Free fraud & chargeback protection
Expert risk monitoring to help protect your income. No more bounced checks!

First class customer support
Expert help when you need it, with the personal attention you deserve.

And more...